Petra Herczeg

Petra Herczeg, born in 1966, is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Programme at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna. She gained her professorship in 2016/17 with her work on “The measure of dignity. A human right as a communicative challenge.” Since 2018, she has been a member of the research platform “Mediatised Lifeworlds – Young people’s narrative constructions, connections and appropriations” at the University of Vienna. Her teaching and research interests lie in journalism, migration, intercultural communication, and children and the media. Petra Herczeg is also responsible for the scientific conception and implementation of the children’s radio show “Rudi der Radiohund” for ORF. Since 2002, she has also worked as a freelance writer for ORF (conception of the “Menschenbilder” series). She became Chief Editor of “Medien Journal” in 2015.