Editors’ statement on the war in Ukraine

»It is wartime.« What a terrible headline to write.

We are deeply shocked by the events in Ukraine. We condemn the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine, a violation of international law, in the strongest possible terms. Nothing can justify it. The sovereignty of Ukraine and its people’s right to self-determination are unnegotiable.
Our thoughts are with those who are directly affected by the violence of war. We stand in solidarity with everyone in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and around the world who opposes this war.

What can we do as communication and media scholars? In the age of disinformation, free media and fact-based, independent journalism are crucial. As scholars, we can help communicate for peace through our expertise, by offering analysis, by engaging in public debates, by maintaining international contacts, not least with our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia, and through our publications.

Our journal Journalistik gives us a channel to publish scientific analyses of media communication in times of war. We can examine the interrelations between the rationalities of media and war. We can identify the buzzwords and arguments that govern the discourse. We can find out which national stereotypes and notions of antagonists are being updated and (de-)constructed, what imagery is fed to us and by whom, how to recognize and counteract fake news, and much more. We hope to feature articles on these topics and more in future issues. This is the small contribution we can make as magazine editors.

But as citizens, we can do so much more!
Let us do everything in our power, together, to end this war.