Editorial 3/2019

Relying on interviews with journalists and founders of German News-start-ups our authors Alexa Keinert, Annett Heft and Leyla Dogruel identified four trends in future journalism. One of them is: The illusion of objective journalism is replaced by journalism with attitude. The experts also think that the funding of professional journalism must increasingly come from civil society.

In the historical paper Gerret von Nordheim highlights Gandhis understanding of journalism. As a publisher and deskman, he developed – and followed – ethical principles that even today, 150 years after Gandhi’s birth, give us cause to reflect. One of his maxims was absolute proximity to the reader.

Although photojournalistic images have long been an elementary part of journalistic media, communication science has always been guilty of neglecting research into the actors and structures of photojournalism. Felix Koltermann is absolutely convinced of this in his essay.

Werner D’Inka, one of the publishers of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), observes that the first person form is becoming more prevalent, especially in reportage journalism. Potential causes include the media transformation, a change in the way journalists see their role, and erosion of the credibility of established media. But D’Inka is sure: The first person has no business in journalism – apart form a few exceptions.

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One last comment on our own behalf: We are happy to welcome Martina Thiele in our editorial board, after Petra Herczeg had left to our regret. Here is a short vita of our new editor.